Why Ducks and Dots??

Why Ducks and Dots??

Ducks and Dots-DAD

  Many people have asked, “Why Ducks and Dots?” Well here’s the story…

  Both Brenda and Amy lost their beloved fathers way too soon. Alfred Black and John Giuliani were pretty great guys. They both had countless friends, each would give the shirt off their back to  anyone who needed it, and both could make you laugh until your cheeks hurt.

   Brenda's dad, Al  "Bunky" Black, was well know in their small town, and where ever he went, for his entertaining repertoire of jokes and riddles.  As SMSG. in the NYANG he would task his graduate candidates with reciting a test based on memory. It became a highly anticipated challenge that Al would pose to anyone, anywhere.  It became a running family joke that if we said 'One Duck' and people responded "Two Hens", chances are they had the pleasure of meeting Brenda’s dad.

   Amy’s father, John, began golfing regularly around the age of 50, when he bought a home next to a golf course. He needed a way to identify his golf balls, so he started marking each one with two green dots. Before long, word spread among his friends, and they nicknamed him ‘Johnny Two Dots’. He liked to have fun at work, so he started leaving his mark of two green dot stickers, wherever he went,  all around his job site. He loved to tease his boss Bill. We’ve heard that still today there are two dots on the wall of the warehouse in West Milton, where John remains a legend.

  From this Ducks and Dots was born.  Brenda and Amy hope to bring as much joy and kindness to the world as Alfred and John. Did you notice that the acronym for Ducks and Dots is DAD?  Amy’s observant sister Kristin discovered that fun coincidence! How cool is that!?

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Awww…such a wonderful story💕


What a wonderful story. 💕


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